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Ever thought about a platform where even your most random question will be entertained? All your doubts will be solved in a jiffy? Well buckle up, QA Floor’s here! It’s like a dawn of knowledge, a unique platform where students, teachers, and curious people can register and learn. It works in a fairly simple manner. Register and post questions, wait for the replies or solutions, and participate effectively! For the introverts out there, you can send private messages to the concerned person directly, thus avoiding the social pressure!

Who we are   

We are basically a globally connected database! Having not only one answer to a problem but creating a sea of possible solutions for a single issue is our key skill! Think of us a big machine of answers if you will! In real life, we are a team of people dedicated to clear people’s doubts and provide opportunities to connect with diverse users across the globe, thus enhancing community relationships.

Our Motive 

We want to share diverse perspectives and valuable knowledge with our users. Helping them to explore more and clear their doubts and queries is our goal, a target set to be achieved staunchly. Connecting people from various walks of life is our one determined purpose.

Our Mission 

Creativity, imagination, and knowledge – All under one roof! Clarify each doubt, rectify each mistake and rinse the world with waves of versatility is our mission, the one which can and will be achieved with your support!

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