Can you earn money online by teaching people English? If yes, then how?

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Try to picture a scene – You have graduated. All your friends have drifted apart and have stable jobs with a steady income making its way towards them. On the other hand, you are finding it difficult to find your dream job and refuse to settle for anything less. Financial pressures are building up, and the tension has started leaking into your daily life. What do you do?

You turn to the internet for a probable solution, and it does offer you one! Online English coaching! If you are a pro in English and have already mastered all the tricks of the language, then Hola! You can become a virtual teacher. There are various online English gigs available and can be undertaken as a side hustle or a full-time business. 

English is a universal language, and people do feel the need to be able to communicate in it. There are various English teaching institutions, but the online teaching market is booming due to the availability of diverse solutions. Teachers from across the globe are available anytime a student wants and can meet up with the cultural differences effectively. Online English learning platforms like VIPKID offer rates for each hour and are pretty lucrative. 

Usually, you get paid up to 14 to 23 dollars per hour and more if you have the basic discipline and diligence about the class environment. Tips and bonuses are not included in the rate mentioned above. Bonus can be included by the company based on the results, your performance as well as the observed forum of the classroom. You may ask if it is that simple to teach English online, why don’t all the people do the same? 

The answer is quite obvious. You need a specialized certificate of TESOL or TEFL to teach online. Also, a good broadband speed, a headset, Skype, and a webcam and if possible, a laptop or desktop are essential requirements to be fulfilled. Top English teaching companies such as Landi, PalFish, PK Fish, and Magic Ears also offer benefits to their online educational counterparts and offer a catchy amount of money as well. As they function on a global level, their users are not restricted to a particular region and hence the markets, and thus the profits are quite humongous. Talk about money!

TO get a TEFL certificate you need to understand that you don’t need a particular degree for that. Many companies do take into consideration the graduation program for additional benefits but focus mainly on the EFL part. Even if you have a Ph.D. in English and literature, you need the TEFL certificate as the course teaches you to handle the online approach of teaching quite effectively. Go through the types of courses available, discuss with the providers their benefits, and make an informed decision. Focus during the program and complete it with a high grade. Bam! There are your TEFL certificate and the freedom to teach English online!

Online teaching is quite easy, you just need the right amount of determination, grit, and passion and let destiny fulfill its promise!

By Tom coves, 2 years ago