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If you really want to become an expert on math subjects and are putting in a lot of efforts to become one, then nothing is going to stop you from that. However, in addition to your determination and hard work; doing it consistently will help you gain expertise in math. The complicated topics like theorems, equations, algebra, constructions, etc., revolve around this subject. No doubt, there are only a few people who can excel in math subjects. However, you can be among them by following the instructions mentioned below. 

  • Utilize vacation days:

Vacation days are undoubtedly the days of getting some relaxation. However, giving this time to math subject along with some enjoyment will definitely benefit you. You must give at least 3 to 4 hours on a daily basis to improve your concepts. Try to take help from an elder or senior to have your doubts clarified. By doing so, you will have a complete command by the end of your vacations. 

  • Practice repeatedly:

In math subject specifically, only building your concepts is not enough. Instead, you have to solve similar conceptual questions again and again. In this way, you will be able to learn from your mistakes. Don’t try to escape from solving the questions at which you are weak. Just grab those questions and keep them for your special consideration. This will help you overcome your flaws and boost your confidence level.


This is the most important thing you must do while dealing with the math subject. Don’t deviate your concentration during the lecture. Make sure to pick every single point while your teacher is delivering. Don’t engage yourself in talking with friends or doing other things except studying. If the surrounding is making you distracted, ignore them or ask your friends to talk after the class.

Similarly, avoid the use of gadgets during studies. It is the use of social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc., which cause great distraction and waste a lot of time. Just have complete focus during study hours, it will give you proficiency and command on the subject.

  • Don’t lose hope:

‘I will never ever be able to understand this complicated topics of math’, ‘I cannot get full marks’, ‘The concepts are beyond my mind’s capacity’ etc., are the phrases that one should completely discard from his/her life. Don’t disappoint and underestimate yourself. If a position holder or a high marks achiever of your class and a similar level is able to secure full marks, then why not you?

It is all about having a good thought and confidence. Just be optimistic and never develop discouraging beliefs about yourself in mind. Remember, it will be only you who will raise yourself high. Disappointment will never lead you to grow to higher levels.

  • Hire a good tutor:

Tutoring plays an important role in difficult subjects like physics, maths, chemistry, etc. Finding a tutor who is proficient enough and honest with his profession at the same time is also not an easy task. Parents must find a tutor who is perfect and have matched his personality with their child’s.

Hiring a good tutor would take a long time but you need to have patience because it’s a matter of your child’s future. Also, don’t compromise on the quality of the tutor at the expense of the studies of your child. A good and experienced tutor will demand a good amount but of course, you can negotiate so that it can be affordable for you as well. 

  • Online or offline tutoring:

Online tutoring is one in which a tutor and student don’t meet as a person, but a virtual environment has been created. Some parents find offline tutoring to be more effective but online tutoring has proved to be equally effective as that of offline because of the latest technological developments. In fact, there are hundreds of additional benefits of online tutoring which are mentioned below:

  • You don’t need to compromise about the quality of tutors if you are residing in the area where good tutors are hard to find or not available. You can find the best possible tutor online.
  • It saves your time as it doesn’t require any traveling. You can also save transportation cost by online tutoring.
  • No prior technical or IT knowledge is required.

  • Tutoring platforms:

There are various tutoring platforms available which provide the best tutors around the world. QueryFloor is one among them. Tutors on every subject related to math such as calculus, algebra, geometry, etc., can be found in QueryFloor. Also, there are numerous advanced features on this platform. A large pool of tutors is available for the betterment of students.  

So, above are some of the ways through which you can be an expert in mathematics. Following these tips properly will help you have a good command on this subject. 

By Tom coves, 2 years ago