How to Get 800 on SAT Math?

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You are going to compete with the most extraordinary minds while appearing on the SAT. But anyone, who has never been incredible in math subjects can also achieve success in getting high scores. One must adopt the correct way of study.

A person who is working hard must have to work smartly at the same time in order to earn higher scores. The SAT test is different from normal school tests. It doesn’t include very complex concepts. Because it is designed for a large number of students of different levels.

It includes basic algebra (problems regarding single-variable equations, word problems), advanced algebra (quadratic and exponential equations), geometry
(x-y coordinate geometry, circles, squares, and triangles), and basic statistics.

Improvement of the score requires a lot of practice of conceptual and logic-based questions. To solve a question, you need to guess logic and stick to it. The more practice you do, the better you will get expertise. 

Strategies to adopt: 

The following are strategies to get a high score on SAT math:

  1. Analyze your area of weakness:

Different students may have different levels of weaknesses. Some take a longer time to apply the logic on each question. Some may be good or quick to pick up the logic but take longer to solve the question. To overcome the problem you need to—

  • Solve as many questions as possible. Try to practice the tests available on the internet. Consider it the real test.

  • Set the timer and try to complete before the countdown ends. 

  • If the time of the question ends, just move to the next question if you are able to leave. But if you want to solve the question and find the chances of doing it correctly then keep solving it.

  • Check your test in the end.

  • Mark the question you failed to solve, or the problems which took extra time to be solved. Practice the similar-concept questions. Solve again and again until you complete in the specified time.

  1. Understand your mistakes:

For the practice purpose, you need to refer any book or material from the internet. You need to solve tons of questions on a daily basis. The more you practice, the more you know about your mistakes. Never ignore the questions in which you are making mistakes frequently. Keep those questions in your special consideration. You need to clarify the concepts in order to overcome the mistakes.

Mark the questions in which you are making mistakes and list it down on paper. Review the paper before going to appear for the test.  

  1. Have a deep understanding:

If you are missing any question and moving forward, you need to analyze where you are lacking. The reason for not attempting the question is you may not have complete command on the subject. Always understand the concept by going deep down, so that you will be able to tackle every question in a short time.

  1. Read the question carefully:

It’s good that you are solving questions faster but reading the question thoroughly is the ultimate need. Take considerable time to read the question. Always plan your time in such a way that besides solving the question, you are also giving appropriate time to read and understand the question properly.


Hence, these are some points for getting 800 on SAT Math. It will require considerable time to prepare for the test. All you need is to practice again and again until you become proficient in solving the questions on time.

By Tom coves, 2 years ago