What Are Some Common Mistakes Students Make When Studying?

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One common and foremost mistake most of the students make that they don’t study throughout the year and try to cover the whole syllabus in just one night before exam day. Studying a very large amount of stuff without taking a break or rest makes student saturated. Also, because of not taking proper sleep, body and mind both don’t function properly. In the end, a student is not able to perform as good as he is supposed to do. There are several other mistakes which are listed below,

  1. Skipping class lecture:

Bunking classes and taking notes from someone else later cannot provide you relevant proficiency. You must have to be in class so that you can adopt the techniques and methods delivered by the teacher. Also, a student must not skip class tests or quiz. Maybe some of the questions with the same trick will appear on the final exam too. Hence, you need to keep yourself in touch with daily lectures, assignments, and tests.

Similarly, concentrate on the topics at which teacher emphasized. Maybe, the topics are important from exams point of view. If you don’t have much time, you must plan to cover important topics first or the topics which are appearing frequently. You can take help from any senior in this regard. 

  1. Distraction by gadgets:

In this era, every student is provided with the laptop, iPhone, tabs and a good connection of internet. Pros and cons are associated with every technology. It depends upon a student, how he/she is using this technology. Utilizing these things in a productive way can lead to multiple benefits. There are hundreds of pdf books, blogs, and tutorials on difficult topics available on the internet. Seeking help with those stuff along with class lecture and notes can enhance the performance of a student.

Likewise, a student can use this technology in a destructive way. Using Facebook, Twitter or chatting with friends during studies divert student’s attention from studies. So, one must avoid the use of gadgets during studies.

  1. Studying without goals:

A student before starting a day must set his target. Usually, they used to spend a whole day with one subject and at the end of the day, they realize that they haven’t covered much. Students must know, to which subject they have to spend more time and which subjects should take lesser time.

Lack of concentration:

 Another common mistake they do is lack of concentration. During studying their sole focus should be studies rather than surrounding, social media or TV, etc. You can take breaks for about 5 minutes after studying 20-25 minutes, but the hours dedicated for studying should be utilized for studying purpose only.  

  1. Inefficient learning:

Spending 7-8 hours per day in studying but not following proper methodology is never going to create impact. Students usually work very hard but not in an effective way. At the end of the day, it is smart or quality work that counts not hard work. No planning on this waste both time and energy of student. Mostly, there are more than one tricks to solve a query. Picking up the easiest and less time-consuming technique is important. But before selecting, you need to know every method.

These were some common mistakes that students make intentionally or sometimes unintentionally. Avoiding these can be helpful to improve grades.

By Tom coves, 1 year ago