What are the top 5 study habits of high achieving students?

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Studying is an area where everyone has their own style, own approach. As everyone has a unique tactic and study method, it is impossible to treat one methodology as correct and the other one as false. All strategies are made to achieve one goal – A high grade in any desired subject.

There are always some students who achieve high grades and are popularly termed as “scholars” or “nerds.” Have you ever wondered what kind of study strategy do these students employ? What is that one thing that they do differently that makes them different from everyone else? Here, we present to you top 5 study habits of a high achieving student and how you can adopt the same. Delve in the world of studying and books, won’t you?

They probably never read the textbooks meant for the subject.

This might come as a shocker to you, but it’s true. According to research conducted, most of the students who get high grades in school or college don’t take help of the textbook to learn something new. They search for answers on Google, question every approach, and try to be as realistic as possible. Though textbooks can provide the basics, they are inadequate to reason with the changing times.

Testing themselves is their hobby, a pastime. 

Nobody likes to be tested. It is like someone is asking proof for your intelligence and is hence received negatively. Toppers are the exact opposite; they like to be tested frequently. Their limits strain and break bonds, the brain is sharpened, and the senses are heightened. The more the difficulty level of the test, the more they enjoy it!

They are the short race participants and don’t participate in long marathons.

The high achievers all surely have one thing in common – They study in short bursts and never sit in one place for long periods. The natural rhythm of the body is designed in such a way that we can concentrate for up to only 45 to 50 minutes. Taking a 10 minutes creative break will surely speed up the learning process.

They don’t highlight things.

Highlighting passages gives us the idea of what is essential and what is not, but it also equals to unengaged reading. For active participation in the learning process, it is important that you write important things down or underline them and write a note under it there itself. Talk about weird things!

Scholars and high achievers over learn things.

When we have enough going on in the school itself, we don’t find out ways to learn more about new topics and ideas. This is precisely where the high achievers differ from the others. They try to gain new insights, ideas, and information alongside the traditional school homework. And their hard work surely pays off!

 So, these are the top 5 habits of scholars and “nerds.” It pays to be in their shoes and it ain’t difficult to practice good habits. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and rock that study plan!

By Tom coves, 2 years ago