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Remember the hateful assignments that all of us had to do in high school? Remember the long essays that used to drive us sleepless? I am sure we all are familiar with the feeling. You probably thought that essay writing will leave you alone once you graduated or post-graduated and you got it all wrong! 

Essay writing forms an important component of any job you do, any profession you choose. Want to present something? Gather the relevant information first in the form of an essay and then create a presentation.  Want to write a formal letter? The language and the tone of the letter matter the most and are basically an essay in its essence. You may now question how to keep essay writing simple yet unique, organized, and free of plagiarism. We have just the solution for you!

We have provided some essay writing tips below, ranging from the structure of the format to the vocabulary and grammar to be used. Check it out and solve your essay issues today!

Start with the basics.

A proper essay would have a title page, citations, and a proper structure. Creating each of these pages should be your first point of focus. Their structure will determine the look of your content and make the reader tilt favorably towards your opinion. Creating a tile page requires you to have proper margins, insightful font size and style, and all the necessary details. 

Draw a traditional outline for the essay.

The essay needs to have 3 main bodies – An introduction, the main body, and an effective conclusion. For a standard five-paragraph essay, the first and the last paragraph should be dedicated to the introduction and conclusion, respectively, while the remaining three paragraphs must contain the essence of the essay. Majority of the people focus on the main part of the content and take the introduction and conclusion part for granted. This is where it goes haywire! The introduction forms a foundation for your idea to be expressed, and the conclusion helps to leave an imprint in the reader’s mind regarding the topic. Observe this golden rule and draft an excellent essay!

Pay attention to the citations.

This part is important as it will help your essay to be plagiarism free and also give due credits to the author. The in-text citation should be provided to provide the reader with the idea that the perception put forth is not new but has been already drafted somewhere else. Listing the sources in alphabetical order at the end of your essay also brings about an impact. 

Research well.

Research is the key technique to unlocking a fantabulous essay format. If you know the content well, you can draft it well! Research profusely and then start writing the theory part. 

So, these are some of the main points and tips by which you can write an essay to be remembered. Follow them regularly, and you will surely be pleased with the results! 

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