What is the best and fastest way to remember what you learn?

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Our brain is a complex mechanism. Man has never been able to cope up with the brain’s fullest capability adequately. But to summarize the issue – It’s vast. But it does sometimes happen that we cannot remember things that we have already read or studied. Why?

Reading and listening to some concepts don’t guarantee their storage in the memory region of the brain. We need to memorize stuff up to gain clear insights. But some of us find it difficult to memorize things faster and optimize the concepts in the neuronal area. Below we have listed some useful techniques that will help you to exercise your brain optimally and memorize things faster than ever! So what are you waiting for? Proceed!

Exercise your body for your head!

It is crucial that you are physically fit and active and to expand your thinking capabilities. Working out regularly is good not only for our bodies but for our mental health as well. Studies have shown that an exercise session of 30 minutes leads to higher brain activity and improvement in memory and cognitive processing skills. So plan your exercise schedule today!

Writing down the things that need to be memorized.

When you write things down, they are registered better in our brain and can easily be recalled. It does seem like a lot of work but is undoubtedly worth the effort if it is going to help you in the exam and bring about an improvement in your grades. Taking lecture notes by hand instead of a laptop has helped many students memorize faster and in a more effective way. So start writing your problems away!

The afternoon is the time of peak concentration.

Even if you are an early riser or a late-night owl, have at least one study session in the afternoon. It is a time when all the neurons in the brain are active and ready to soak in new knowledge. Focusing on an important task in the afternoon will help your brain to retain more information in a lesser time period. Be an afternoon person!

Relate things for an easier understanding.

When you start memorizing and understanding new stuff, it is important that you relate it to the things you have already learned. When the new information is entangled with the already present ideas in your brain, it finds an anchor to stay submerged in the pool of knowledge itself. 

Relating things will also make it easier to process the new as well as the old information at a faster rate, so you can perform well in a time pressurized environment. Talk about stress!

So, these are some of the tips and tricks that you can apply in your daily life to get rid of any problems related to memorization. Practice and daily reading is the key to master the process. When a specific piece of information is repeated time, and again, the brain tends to soak it up and place it in sections, ready for future use. 

By Tom coves, 1 year ago