What is the best way to study smart?

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Studying can be described as one of the most monotonous tasks in a student’s life. Boredom and melancholy are inevitable and thus leads to a lack of concentration. It requires qualities like patience, determination, and grit. 

But has it ever happened to you that even if you study hard, attempt everything in the syllabus and read every single line in the book carefully, you fail to score high? Does this disappoint you? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then we have just the solution for you! We have compiled some of the best “Smart Study” techniques below. These practices will help you establish a regular pattern of academia and learn effectively. Let’s begin, shall we?

Use books rather than electronic gadgets.

This one might be surprising, given that we live in an era of immense technological development and progress.  Research suggests that print materials and traditional studying by books can heighten the primary senses and help gather information speedily. So drop by at the book store and purchase the required material today itself!

Stay fit, physically as well, mentally.

Physical health is as important as mental fitness. Psychological studies have proven that the brain works more efficiently after a medium intensity workout or intense rhythmic activities. As these activities provide more oxygen and nutrients to the neuronal cluster, the signal transmission is faster and more efficient. Hit the exercise chords right today itself!

Relax and calm down.

Stress can be of two types – Positive or negative. The positive kind of stress, called eustress, can motivate the person to achieve set goals and targets.  But what about the negative stress? It damages the cortical regions of the brain and hinders the learning process. Relax through meditation and calm yourself down for a productive study session!

Practice active recall.

Though controversial, this method can be correct in some aspects. It was suggested that students need to test themselves actively i.e., without looking into the book and reciting what they remember. It helps to improve the long term memorization skill and is definitely worth it!

Stop over learning

When you are done studying for the day, you might feel excited to march on. Halt there itself! You need to feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Also, once you complete the topic, study something else. Overthinking can lead to confusion and thus regrets! 

Put yourself in the teacher’s shoes

Research suggests that when you teach a topic to someone, it gets permanently registered in your brain. This happens as the thoughts are organized in an orderly fashion and can be recalled easily. This proves that being a teacher ain’t that bad!

So, these are some of the smart study techniques. Some may prove to be very effective, or some may provide no or little help. It depends on the individual and his comfort zone. But studying smarter always gives the best results rather than studying harder, and that’s a fact nobody can change! Also, studying’s no fun – It’s the learning that makes the difference!

By Tom coves, 2 years ago