What will be the advantages by getting scores up to 800 on SAT exam? 

Anonymous asked on Aug 01,2019   Test Preparation SAT 737
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Getting high scores are definitely always useful but getting 800 can give you extra superiority. 

The first thing you need to clarify is that getting 1530 or more will count equally as that of whole 1600. A student must have to reach the threshold level of 1530. After reaching this level, all the criteria will now be dependent solely upon your application. So, if you are able to score greater than 1530 already, you don’t need to invest additional time for getting 1600. All you have to work upon is the application and other procedures.

But, if you are scoring lesser, then you need to work very hard to boost up your score. The average score of applicants is around 1450. You must have to get a high score in order to be identified as extraordinary among them. The admission rate is very low, i.e., below 10%. But, by scoring 1530 or above, you will be able to get admission in top universities like Harvard or Princeton.

Benefits on scoring 800 on SAT Math:

Getting 800 will give you more flexibility. The schools consider the merged scores, rather than considering each score individually. If you get 800, then you only require  730 in SAT reading and writing.

Here are the following two scenarios where getting 800 SAT Math to become beneficial:  

  1. If you are opting for any quantitative or science subjects like math, physics, chemistry or statistics.
  2. In case you are applying for a high-grade technical school.

In high schools, they hold a very tough competition among applicants. The institution selects the best possible applicant. You are competing with the pool of other brilliant students. If you are applying in any science major, then you are competing with the other science experts.

By Tom coves, 2 years ago