How to create a daily routine?

How to create a daily routine?

Planning is important for a stable life. Whether it is office, gym or home, one must have the proper planning to do all the tasks. The daily routine is the way by which you can make yourself better in every activity. You need to follow morning and night routine chart for a smoother lifestyle. 

Irrespective of whether you are a student or office employee, it is necessary that you follow the routine each day. This will take your life on a proper track. Besides that, you will not forget to do the most important chores of home or work of the office. Let us discuss today how to organize your work week using a daily routine chart.

Preparation of daily routine list

This is the first step to regularize your daily life. You can take a diary, notebook or even your smartphones to write the crucial tasks of the day. You must write every small task in the notebook from morning till night. It might seem a lengthy process but you can properly divide the time among all the activities of the day.

Write only productive tasks

For a stronger personal productivity system, you must stick more to productive work by eliminating the unproductive activities. What you feel is more important to do, think upon that and complete it. You should leave the tasks which are nerve-racking and make you feel nervous throughout the day. Finishing the productive tasks first will motivate you for other tasks

Set a timer for each task

Time is a very important factor in everybody’s life. If you take a long time in each task, it becomes impossible to finish the work in one day. You must write the amount of time opposite to each activity in the diary. Then you must try to follow that schedule and finish the task within the time you just wrote in the notebook. If you feel that the task is taking too much time, simply put to the next day.

Avoid unproductive tasks

There are numerous unproductive tasks which all of us love doing throughout the day. They include surfing the internet for unwanted stuff, checking the posts on social media platforms, talking long on mobile phones and others. The daily routine of a student must not include these activities. Being a student, it is necessary that you decrease the number of unproductive tasks in the day or spend less time on them. 

Disconnect from the social media world

To get productive ideas, you must avoid using social media platforms while studying or doing some other tasks. It is one of the biggest distractions many people face at home and offices. You should close the notification and text messages. Apart from that, you can use sites which block the social media sites and notifications for a few hours.

Proper sleep

It is important to get a good amount of sleep every night. You must sleep at least 6 hours at night for a healthier and sharper brain. To get a productivity workflow, you must get a good sleep. It boosts your mental focus and the level of concentration.

Think yourself as a boss

Setting high goals is one of the best productivity tips for students or working people. You must think like a successful person. Start the day with a positive thought to achieve even the toughest goals at the end of the day. Additionally, you should do the work from point of view of your goals.

Free yourself from work for some time

You must take a break of 10 to 15 minutes in between the two difficult tasks. Continuously working from morning till night will give nothing else but tiredness and irritation. So, you can listen to your favorite songs, talk a long walk with a friend in the park or read a good novel. This will make you more productive each hour.

Make some changes in the schedule

All days are not the same at the office or at home. You may work with full zeal on some days whereas some days are literally tiring ones. At the end of the day, you must look at the list of your routine activities and make changes if it is necessary. Cut the tasks which are time-consuming from the next day’s schedule.


You must start the day with yoga, exercises, and meditation. Drink 7 to 8 glass of water and eat healthy foods such as fruits and veggies. 


These tips will help you how to make a daily schedule and stick to it. Creating a daily routine will make life simpler and clutter-free. You can achieve the top goals by using these easy tips every day. They form the foundation of your successful career.