How can I improve my questioning techniques?

How can I improve my questioning techniques?

After each class, the teachers ask students if they have any doubts or not. Asking questions will not only clear the doubts but also give you more knowledge about a particular topic. Many teachers have the habit to ask difficult questions in the classroom which is totally a waste of time. 

The questions you ask must be sensible and relevant to the topic and chapter being taught in the classroom. At the same time, the students should also take active participation in the classroom to ask various questions to their teachers. There are some important points which will help in improving your questioning techniques. Let us discuss the various methods in detail:

What is an Effective Question?

Before you decide to improve questioning techniques, it is necessary to know what effective question is. There are 2 types, closed questions, and open questions. Closed questions are generally short questions and can be answered quickly.

Some examples of closed questions are as under:

  • Is a total of 5 and 8 equal 13?
  • Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?
  • Are you taking leave today?
  • When did World War II take place?

Most of the closed questions have answers in “Yes” and “No”. One of the major benefits of closed questions is that they make the students’ memory sharper and better. But on the other hand, closed questions do not allow the students to answer in a broader manner. They cannot elaborate on the topic more which limits their answering skills and knowledge.

The 2nd type of questions is open questions. They need more time to think. Thee type of questions involve feelings and deep thinking. 

  • Some of the examples of open questions are as under:
  • What is the role of insulin in the body?
  • What is the message of the author through Romeo and Juliet?
  • Which points are necessary to make this project successful?

Open questions improve the linguistic and logical skills of the students. They can think more practically and sensibly. Apart from that, they can get more points to answer the questions. Moreover, they can think outside the box.

Why is asking good questions important?

  • You can face all the challenges which come your way in becoming a good tutor.
  • Asking good questions will give you better solutions for tough problems.
  • You can increase your potential by asking various questions in the classroom.
  • When you ask good questions to your teachers, it is beneficial for you. You can learn more on a particular topic or chapter.
  • Asking questions will make you wiser and more open to everyone. You can view your opinions and views without hesitation or fear by asking good questions.

How many questions do teachers ask in a day?

As per the studies and records, the teachers ask 2 questions every minute. It means they ask 400 questions in one day and total 70,000 in full year. Some studies suggest that one teacher asks about 2 to 3 million questions in his/her whole career.

How do you make a good question?

There are some important tips for making good questions. They are as under:

1. Ask yourself first

Being a teacher, it is always advisable to ask questions to yourself before you ask them to students. Asking yourself the questions will give you an idea of whether the question is sensible or not. Apart from that, you can know whether your question is right or wrong. You can also get the right answer to that question. Besides that, asking yourself the various questions will help you in knowing whether there is one answer for the questions or multiple answers.

2. Do not ask questions with “Yes” and “No” answers

You must avoid asking close-ended questions as much as possible. Instead of that, you must ask open-end questions starting with “Who”, “Where”, and “What”. Such questions will give more detailed information and answers. Moreover, the open end questions are more practical and sensible than close-ended questions.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask

More than 70% of students are inactive in the classroom. They avoid asking questions to the teachers because of shyness or hesitation. You must take the opportunity of this silence and ask various questions to your teachers.

It is important to stand up and ask the questions to get all your doubts cleared. Do not wait for someone to ask as he/she may ask different questions from yours. It is important to feel open in the classroom and engage more in conversation with your teachers.

4. Ask the questions with the assumption

The students must ask questions which make you think creatively. For example, “What do you think of the situation” or “What is your opinion for that”. Such questions can bring many different answers. Besides that, you can come to a correct answer after carefully listening and studying all the answers.

It is important to ask questions where one needs to assume. The assumption will open the minds of other students and they can think in a more creative way.

5. Don’t talk in between the lectures

Most of the teachers give time to the students to clear their doubts related to any chapter. You must wait until the teacher finishes his explanation in the classroom. Interrupting in between the lectures can disturb yours as well as other students’ attention too. You must ask the questions at the end of every lecture.

6. Ask short answers

This is the most important point you should keep in mind while asking questions. Your questions must be short and simple. Do not include unnecessary sentences. Asking questions in a simple manner will give you more effective answers. Apart from that, you must specify the part of the topic which needs to be cleared.


These are the simplest tips which will help you to improve your questioning techniques. Asking questions is an art which should be developed over time. You can gain more knowledge and information about various subjects by asking questions in the classroom. Follow these tips and you can get better scores in the exams.