How to use a “to do” list to actually get stuff done?

How to use a “to do” list to actually get stuff done?

Are we living an organized life each day? From waking up in the morning to sleeping at night, we have endless tasks to be done on the whole day. Irrespective of whether you are a college student, office employee or a housewife, it is necessary to complete every task at the right time. But due to improper work schedule, many of us juggle between the tasks of home and office.

To-do list technique will certainly help you in completing every task in an effective manner. The next question which has definitely jumped into your mind is how to use a to-do list for completing tasks. We will the ways to use to-do list in a proper way.

1.) Select the priorities

When we are preparing the to-do list, it is sure that the most important things should be put first on the list. You have to identify the necessary tasks and first complete them in order to finish the rest of them in an orderly form. This will help in avoiding the delay of work too.

2.) Set a time limit

You cannot go on doing one task for the whole day. It is crucial to note down the time besides each task. By doing this thing, you know that a particular task has to be completed within that time. If you feel that one of the tasks is taking too much time, simply stop doing that and start with another.

3.) Take the help of a friend

One of the best productivity tips is to find a friend who can help you stay motivated throughout the day. Sometimes, we delay the tasks which can affect the end-results. A friend will remind you of the tasks to be completed in the day for good results. You can also take help of your siblings or cousins who are close to you.

4.) Prepare a new to-do list each day

You can make a fresh to-do list template every day. The reason for doing is that you can avoid the old work on a new day. It is a smart thing to do new things on a new day. This will result in a better quality of work. In addition to that, you will enjoy doing work with a fresh mind and a high level of energy.

5.) Focus on one task

To be more productive in work, it is important to focus on one thing at a time. Do not perform all tasks together as lead to confusion and mismanagement. As far as possible, take the task one by one as listed in the to-do list. This reduces the chances of skipping work.

6.) Don’t increase the workload

If you want an effective to-do list, note down the tasks which you can actually do. Performing the tasks over the limit will degrade the quality and the results are negative. You must be realistic and avoid increasing the burden of work. This will give you success and better results.

7.) Take a break

To do work more productively, it is necessary to do something you like. You can listen to beautiful songs or read some good books. Additionally, you can talk to an old school friend on the telephone or just have a walk in the park. This will keep your mind fresh and healthy to do the next task.

8.) Compare yourself

Your capacity to work changes each day. Today, you are in a good mood which results in your work. Suppose the office boss scolds you in the office and this will make you nervous. It will automatically reflect in the quality of work. It is always a smart thing to make a comparison of yourself with you. This will help you in knowing how better you were yesterday and how to improve further.

9.) Choose short terms activities

Some of the to-do list examples are fixing a meeting with a client, sending emails and preparing reports. If any of the tasks take longer time than expected, you must delete it from the list. It is better to perform the short term tasks to save time, money and efforts. If you want to do bigger tasks, make a systematic plan and put them to another day.

10.) Check the list

Every night, you must review the to-do list and check the tasks performed and not performed. If some of the tasks are remaining, put a circle on them and try to complete them as soon as possible.


For a productive weekend, follow the above steps. They will help in planning, organizing and implementing the tasks each day. With the help of to-do list template, you can get promotions, increments or better grade in college exams. These tips are ways to become successful in life.