Q & A Features

Ask a Question

Have any doubt???....Don’t worry you are free to ask any relevant question here and get the best in the world answers for it from the well known professionals and intellectual knowledge pool

Post Answers

If you have an answer to any asked question on the board,feel free to answer it and answer as many questions as you want....but ofcourse with the relevant answers.....sure you will!!!

Best Answer

Post and answer and if your answer gets as many likes to come into the category of best answer...you will earn the bonus points for it

Mulitple Answers

You are not restricted to answer just one or two questions.Feel free to give or receive multiple answers to all the questions being posted

Profile Features

Upload Profile Picture

Log into your profile page and upload any profile picture which suits you and get noticed on the board by multiple viewers

Manage your badges

When you earn your badges for your good quality work,you need to learn how to manage them and keep them growing

Earn Points

Earn your points by doing various activities onboard which will make you go through and learn from a whole lot of things


Get your tags ready,for what you accomplish by participating and getting engaged in various activities

Message Board Feature

Post a Question

Post a question on the message board and get as many answers as you want.List the time left for an active question on the message board

Invite Friends

Once you post a question,you are free to invite whosoever you want on the message board and be a part of it

Post your Comments

Once the question is in place on the message board,and enough people are invited from whom you expect answers,they are free to give their comments and can keep the discussion going.

Teamwork Feature

Create a Team

Teams can be created here by just giving simple name and description.Mention the allowed members and upload a photo for the team by giving the joining options

Invite Friends

Invite friends who can view or join your team if they are interested and participate in all the team activities

Team Work Display

Once you are part of the team ,you can see what is happening in the team and teamwork is available for all the team members to view and participate

Like and comments can be given to the team work which gets displayed

Card Floor

Create different types of cards like question, general knowledge etc and they will be listed on the card floor

Team can see the different cards made on this floor and and also share the cards if they want to!!

To-Do List

To-do list keeps you aware of the things which need to be finished and get over with

To-Do List

To-do list keeps you aware of the things which need to be finished and get over with

Sharing Note

Create your own notes on the team and get them shared on this panel for others to like or share

Study Groups Feature

Create a Study Groups

Come and create the study groups of your own choice with the name and optional description and uplaod a photo for your study groups.Categories,members and permissions can be given here

Study Groups Display

Once the study group is created,whatever activities are happening in it can be seen and are visible to the members on this tab

Mulitple comments and likes are shared on multiple posts on the study groups


Important announcements can be made for the entire study group through this tab with an option to upload images or videos as well


study group members are visible on this tab. Check their details like points,tags etc on this feature

Questions & Lessons

Select the add tab to add lessons to your study groups. Add as many as you want in your study groups

Once the lesson is created,one or more questions can be added to the lesson for the study groups to learn from it

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